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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you install a Shower Graphix cling?

Shower Graphix clings are easy to install. Just follow these simple steps.
1. Measure your shower door opening prior to ordering your cling. Order a cling large enough that you can cut it into solid pieces to fit each pane of glass.
2. In an empty spray bottle, mix a solution of water and one drop of dish soap.
3. Cut your cling to the size you need for your shower door. You may want to trace a line on the backing paper on the cling before you cut.
4. Spray your shower door thoroughly with the solution. Carefully pull the cling off the attached backing. Spray the back of the cling (the side that was attached to the paper) with the soap solution. This helps the cling not stick together.
5. Decide the height at which you want your cling to be positioned. Align the top of the cling on your shower door and place it on your door.
6. Starting at the middle of the cling, use the included squeegee to push the bubbles to the edges of the cling. Keep working the bubbles and extra solution to the outer edges until there are no bubbles left in your cling.
7. Wipe the excess solution off of the cling and the shower door. You’re done!

Q: What solution do you spray on the door before installing the cling?

We recommend mixing a large spray bottle of water with a single drop of dish soap. Do not use foaming cleaners or make the solution too sudsy, as this will result in a bubbly residue left under your your cling.

Q: How do I cut the cling to make it fit my shower door?

Before removing your cling from the white backing, measure each pane of glass in your shower door. Using a yardstick or measuring tape, draw a line on the white backing of the cling that is the width of your shower door. Use scissors to carefully cut the cling to fit your shower door.

Q: Will Shower Graphix clings work on my obscure shower door?

No. Shower Graphix clings are a static cling material which will only work on clear glass.

Q: Do Shower Graphix clings go on the inside or outside of my shower door?

Shower Graphix clings are a back static shower cling. This means they go on the outside of your shower door. This makes them easier to clean and prevents soap scum from building up on the cling.

Q: My cling was outside in the cold. Is it still okay to install?

Our clings are most flexible and easiest to install when they are room temperature. Please allow your cling to reach room temperature when bringing it in from outside if you live in a colder climate area.

Q: My cling has air bubbles in it, how do I fix this?

First, make sure the cling is level on the door horizontally. If it is not level, you may need to pull it off and reapply. Start with your cling straight across the door at your desired height, then line up the edges and the bottom. If a cling is not even across the door, it may cause the cling to crease.

Next, start at the center and push the bubbles to the edges using the included squeegee. You may have to lift up the corners and reposition if the cling is creased or uneven. If your shower door or the cling dries before you’re done applying it to the door, simply spray a little more solution on the door.

Q: My enclosure is larger than 60 inches, can I still buy a Shower Graphix cling?

Absolutely! Measure the width of your entire glass enclosure. If you have a 30 inch door and two 30 inch glass panels, you should buy a 60 inch cling, and a 30 inch cling.

Q: What company does Shower Graphix use to ship?

We ship all orders via USPS Priority Mail.

Q: Can you ship to other countries?

Sorry, at this time we only ship within the United States.

Q: Can you ship to PO Boxes?

Sorry, due to product size, we cannot ship to PO Boxes.